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Dowsing For Emotions

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I work with dowsing and have a method that can identify the emotions or we call then shadows that we have developed over the years. An example of that is once you stimulate the subconscious into asking for a memory of an event, and you don't necessarily have to know (as the subconscious has that memory) you can find out what year the shadow appeared, and exactly what the memory is. It is fascinating and was taught to by an engineer for a telecommunication company - he demonstrated how the connected to spirit is identical to the telecommunications process and developed a method to "map out" these issues. It is similar to the Healing Code by Bradley Nelson. I am working on once finding these issues applying the healing to the specific vertebra to work on and heal that emotion - it seems like a very practical and helpful way to work with this - to date we have not had an effective way to heal that. I am looking forward to working with that. I believe that working with the "Song of Spine" technique devised by Jeff Kaczor room the Spooky2Rife for Life group could well the the answer to completing this healing technique. I have experienced some wonderful healing on the subconscious level applying this technique!

An example to that is a lady I knew had terrible issues with her husband. When dowsing I discovered at the age three she developed a shadow "I hate him." At first she had no clue what that was about......three days later the subconscious memory surfaced. She excitedly called me to tell me the memory that surfaced. When she was three she had a brother aged 18months who had epilepsy. One day he had a turn and the father grabbed the boy and threw him in the irrigation channel. So, consequently the three year old sees the father doing something she does not understand and develops a memory/shadow around the event - unless the child is taught to heal/clear this emotion that shadow of "I hate him" continues through life and is built upon over and over in life to a point where the emotions can prevent a person from living a normal, happy, healthy life. (in this case with men) I love this work - and working with a very sick guy ATM and we have found his memory of aged 18months, Fear of Living/Dying - Too much to cope - he has been bedridden to 25 years. 

Can you imagine if we can clear that emotional memory somehow how he might begin to heal. By the way that is stored it IT of the that is my theory! I have been searching for years for a technique to help and clear these emotions - and I think that Spooky may be the answer!

I also experienced an incredible healing many years ago working energetically with the spine. By applying frequencies to the particular vertebrae a healing took place and within a few short days I had restored hearing to the damaged nerves of the auditory nerve due to working with a whipper snipper held to my head without using the appropriate protection. I had not been able to hear properly in my right ear for several years - and with just one healing session applying concentrated healing frequencies to the particular vertebrae that affects the auditory nerve I had restored my hearing! 

These healing were "hit and miss" so now I am looking forward to applying the rife frequencies to these areas. They also required a lot of mental work to concentrate the frequencies for the healing - with Rife that is a different story! Through understanding the correct frequencies and applying them to the effect area could change the entire dynamics in this healing procedure.

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Plasma Rife Technology

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Published on Dec 29, 2015

Spooky2 & Rife Technology Evolved!! Join me this week as we interview the great and humble John white founder and co-creator of the spooky2 rife healing technology that has now significantly evolved up into the plasma generating Spooky2 Central Unit. This is electromedicine and frequency medicine of the finest calibre and MUST not be missed by any and all interested in true healing technologies be that home use or professional clinician. 

Jeremy Ayers Naturally Better TV


 Interview with John White with Dr Jeremy

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Vision Behind This Blog

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This blog has been created with the vision to help others who are struggling with health challenges and would like to know more about how they too can make a difference in the lives of themselves, their families, friends, their pets and animals including agriculture. For a small outlay one could be rifing away like an expert in no time!

It is to "pay forward" all of the incredible work that the Spooky members have put together to learn how to heal themselves and their families and friends in the hope that others can become empowered by the knowledge and understanding about working with rife and how it can impact the lives of many.

You need to join as a member, however the information on the Forum and the Facebook page will give you a lot more insight as to what Spooky2 is capable of as an effective healing tool for every family.

The software for Spooky2 is free and downloadable from the Spooky2 Website where you can work with the program and test it before making an investment with the hardware required to generate the frequencies. 

I have estimated that one could easily invest approx. $350AUD+postage and have the capability to begin some serious healing sessions. With over 6,000 conditions covered in the database one can observe the capabilities of Spooky2. You can also go to John White's U-Tube page and view the videos on Spooky2. 
I have posted enough information now on Spooky2 to allow you to do your own research on the advantages of healing with Rife, and how the Spooky2 system is advanced way past the capability of very expensive rife machines on the market today.

Please take the time to add your comments, ask questions. And please if you do nothing else take the time to view the Video posted on January 23rd with John White and make sure to read the post prior to that on our experience when my mother had full blown stroke symptoms. 

Please share this page and be prepared to learn new ways that you can make a difference in not only your own health but to that of your family and friends, pets and all living life in a profound way.


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From The Spooky2 Website

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Taken from the Spooky2 Website. Spooky2 Website

We're not manufacturers. We're not interested in profit. We don't dream of the corporate high life, yachts, Cuban cigars, or champagne and caviar. We share a rather different goal in life: to serve our fellow man in whatever ways we can.

You won't hear this on the lamestream media, but there are actually countless people like us everywhere, people who wish to help and contribute to their greater human family.

You may even be one yourself.

Anatomy of a Rife machine

In April, 2013, the first version of our Rife system -- simply called Spooky -- was quietly released, with no publicity, and no fanfares. News spread quickly by word of mouth, and thousands of people the world over got their hands on a Rife system that was second to none, equalling and even bettering what most commercial manufacturers had to offer.

The difference? Spooky was free.

But we knew we could do better. A whole lot better. So we took what we learned with Spooky, ripped everything apart, then rebuilt it from the foundations up, not just to be better, but to be the ultimate Rife system. ...

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The Story Behind Spooky2

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A dear friend of mine had just been talking with a well know associate of mine, Master Herbalist Keith Smith from San Diego. Keith has been successfully treating many people with many chronic illnesses. 

Keith had mentioned to my friend that he may like to look at the Spooky2 system that he had heard good things and that people were having some very good healing results. Upon hearing this I immediately began my research on Spooky2 and the first thing I came across is the video below! I was completely sold on the concept based on John's principles on helping and healing people. 

Consequently we have since purchased the Spooky2 Generators and accessories to use alongside the free software provided by John and are so impressed with the results to far have decided to keep a diary on all the healing sessions and discoveries along the way. To further help the work of John White and put all we learn together in one place to help others in their journey of healing!

The Health Revolution # 14 

John White on the Spooky2 Rife Machine - Interviewed by Clive de Carle

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Stroke Testimony

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My mother is age 89 had two strokes last year, the first one in February from which she recovered very well and the following one in May where she was not so fortunate and was totally paralysed and bedridden.

Her only movement was to be able to feed herself with a spoon with her left hand; she was like a small child. We were devastated! I contacted a close friend who does Brain Gym work on a remote level. The following day I went to the hospital to find that my mother could turn her head to the left and raised her left arm and said, "Look."

The Doctors had told her she would not recover this time! When I contacted my friend that night she told me that she had already carried out the healing on my mother that morning and had worked with some emotional issues and cleared them. The change was amazing!

Within a week she was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where she spent six weeks in intensive therapy to learn to walk all over again. By the time she left the Drs told her that when she arrived they never thought that she would ever walk again. Upon discharge from Rehab six weeks later she was walking again with a walking stick with some balance issues and had remained the same since then.

Five weeks ago she had been worrying about a family matter for days and she had become extremely tired and all of a sudden she lost her speech, mouth dropped, could not see things in front of her and could not walk and was clearly having another stroke. She said that she would not go to hospital and my father had said that she did not have to go if she didn't want to.

I sat and thought for a bit and relived the last two hospital visits with her last two strokes. I had spent the entire time with her in her recovery and knew exactly what they Drs did and did not do those two times. What did occur to me was that when we took her to hospital, she would lie there until the Dr came and then he would say, "We are sending you to Adelaide." They would continue to give her the normal medication she was on and prepare to send her by air to Adelaide - this would take about 50 minutes. Within and hour an half she would be at the major hospital in Adelaide where she would lay in a holding bay for hours before being attended to.

Then they would move her to Outpatients and she would spend the night there and finally the next day to a ward. Exhausting stuff for even a 20 year old even!

Knowing that she wasn't going to hospital and that my father would not force her I knew we were in serious trouble this time - she was having a "full-on stroke." I had had Spooky2 for about three weeks at this stage. Up until now I thought that my mother's recovery had been awesome and that she was amazing - but what comes next is "just out of this world," and to this day I still find it a little unbelievable that it happened.

I knew I had to get her BP stabilised. I checked the Internet to find out that the Drs don't bring the BP down too fast, so the first step was to normalise her BP slowly. I cannot remember the settings on that. In fact I read and read about what the procedures are with a person having a stroke. But the one thing that really made me think was that both previous times - in the first week of the stroke they Drs actually did nothing - they waited until a week later and just monitored her then did a scan and said, "Yep, you have had a stroke and we will change your medication." Once I got my head around the fact that they didn't really do anything I realised that I had Spooky and what was I waiting for.

My intuition kicked in and I began the marathon for the next five days. I observed every change in her and worked out what was happening to her at each stage of the way. Examples of that were: her face and especially her nose quite swollen. I realised that she had fluid retention possibly on her brain and found the settings in Spooky for that and ran that until it all went away, I moved through each and every symptom methodically for a period of four days. She slept for hours each day and all night. Her BP would go up I would adjust that and normalise it, when she had pain in her face I would adjust that, and work on balance.

On the Sunday evening she took a turn for the worst and had a nasty headache again. At this point I suggested she go to the hospital, She said, “No way!” Checking her BP - it was down really low, I thought, " No this is not a good sign, so worked on normalising again only to find that I had not reset Spooky from bringing it down the previous night and it had gone too low. A quick move to normalise it again and work on that headache. At this point I thought I am going to be up all night checking her.

Working on her headache and normalising the BP I suddenly realised that she was probably lacking Oxygen and went to Spooky to see what I could find. To my delight I found several settings for Oxygen, Oxygen to the brain etc., and set them running along with BP normalise, balance, several headache settings. One half hour later I took her BP again and asked her how her head was. She said," It is gone, completely gone!" I feel fine. Her BP was "right on the nail" after all I was going to get some sleep that night.

The following morning (Monday) my bedroom door opened and in she walked with her walking stick bright and chirpy as if the previous five days never happened - she was 100% back to normal as she was before the turn!

At first she said, "I just had a virus," but when I told her that she could not talk, walk and see things and how bad she was she remembered the dreadful headache she had. I showed her what I had done with Spooky and she was in disbelief! She said, "You took away that dreadful headache with that thing!"

We all did not talk much for the next few days as we were all in disbelief that she had come out of what seemed to be a severe stroke to at least the same level as her previous one that paralysed her. Sometimes I look at her in wonder and think did that really happen. But there you have it!

Spooky is an amazing tool, that you can go to - there was no hard work to do it was all in there all I had to do is recognise the problems each step of the way and adjust Spooky to each symptom. Along with Google search and Spooky we came through with flying colours.

Just a few weeks ago I spoke to my friend who is a MD and very alternative that has a passion for working with frequencies. She was thrilled with what I told her and also explained that when they go to the hospital quote: "There really isn't a great deal that the Drs can do really, it is a bit of a waiting game with strokes."

I am so glad that we didn't wait. Had have she been taken to hospital she may very well have had to go through the same stress and trauma as the previous times - this time she did it much easier on her!

All of this was carried out with remote settings and using the pre-sets in Spooky. Although I have been involved in natural therapies for over 35yrs I never expected that I would have the opportunity like that to help my mother in this way. When it comes down to a stroke there is not a lot one can do but get to the hospital quickly – well that is what we thought!

No need to tell you how cautious and concerned I was through the entire ordeal, however she did respond to every single application I ran so I my intuition told me that she was going to be all right. I am not sure if I would advise others to take this path but the choice was made by my parents and I just followed my intuition. My advice to everyone working with Spooky is to begin working with your intuition more as the hard work has been done with Spooky, trust yourselves and follow your own inner guidance.

When you find love in your heart and move forward with faith the possibilities are endless. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience something like this in journey with Spooky. For now, for us life goes on for a little bit longer, knowing that we have a tool that we can work with and take more control over our health and well being.


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