History of Paramao

Paramao has an interesting history.   It is a unique product that cannot  be replicated artificially.

Minyak para mau, Minyak meaning Oil, Para meaning want. In other words "the wanted oil".

Originally the tree used to make this was thought to be the Lawang Tree, however, upon recent testing the results show different properties to testing done on the Lawang in the past. So the Paramao Tree Oil and oil are unique and have not previously been tested. A paper on this oil is currently being written by the Sydney University that has done testing for us.

Hundreds of years ago Paramao oil was discovered on two small islands on the Indonesian Archipelago. Considering there are more than 17,000 small islands that constitute Indonesia, this makes Paramao Root oil very rare indeed! The Paramao Tree that the oil is derived from was then known as the Lawang Tree.

As the story is told, over four hundred years ago, a villager discovered that if a leaf, root or bark from a particular plant was rubbed on to his swollen and painful joints, he received considerable relief.

It wasn't long before the villagers discovered the art of distilling the oil from the leaves, bark and root of this plant, which was to become known as the Paramao Tree. As the tree was unique to their two islands, it gave them a very valuable product with which to barter among other islands.

Over a period of time they discovered other uses for the oil. By gently massaging oil into the forehead, the pain of headaches was greatly reduced and by applying a small amount to an aching tooth again relief was found. In the case of colds and symptoms of flu, they would rub oil on their chests and add a few drops of oil to boiling water and then inhale the steam. But the main use was and still is for the relief of pain caused by Arthritis and Muscular Ailments.

Through word of mouth Paramao Root Oil became available throughout Indonesia. To this day, Paramao Root Oil is still not distributed in a commercial fashion in Indonesia (e.g. shops and chemists) but the diluted version is sold by hawkers, as has been done for centuries.

Paramao Root Oil is a natural product from a tree and almost impossible to replicate artificially. The source of this oil is a very jealously guarded secret by the villagers and by the current manufacturer that produces it.

Paramao Root Oil has been analysed by one of Australia's leading laboratories to check for any impurities and has been found safe for use by both humans and animals.

Paramao Oil is at present being tested to give a breakdown of the trees properties. Some results will be posted here for your convenience. Sydney University have found this tree to be quite unique and the properties within the tree to be very potent, unlike any other.

Sydney University are in the process of writing a paper on Our product and we when it is published we will post a copy or link to our website. At present we have been advised that the Root contains in excess of 95% Methyl Salicylate a very strong anti-inflamatory as well as another constituent that has a stabilising effect.

Used for MassageParamao Root Oil will also moisturise your skin with its naturally occurring moisturising properties. When looking for the right massage oil Paramao Root Oil is superior.

It’s suitable for all skin types, non-allergic, won’t clog pores and is free from traces of nuts. If using another oil to reinfuse, of interest is the fact that this product does not contain latex and is 100% natural.

Another great benefit of Paramao Root Oil is that it does not leave an oily residue after massage or application.

Useful as an Anti-inflammatory, all types of inflamation.

For Planta Fasciitis Inflamation - There are powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic and moisturising properties naturally found in Paramao Root Oil.

Due to these qualities it has proven to work extremely effectively to reduce inflammation to the Planta Fascia, a tendon on the bottom of your foot. When the Planta Fascia is inflamed you will usually experience pain in your arch, at your heel and underneath your foot. Paramao Root Oil has been known to relieve this pain.

Paramao Root Oil has provided some Immediate and many lasting results. It has effectively targeted pain and quickly eliminated cold and cough symptoms.

The powerful naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, moisturising and pain relieving properties found in Paramao Root Oil has provided many users with fast and lasting relief from ailments without any un-desired effects.

Paramao Root Oil has been considered by many to be one of the most unique and versatile natural healing products available on the market due to the potency and effectiveness of the root and oil. The thermal qualities are very unique in a 100% natural product.

Paramao Root Oil is safe and effective on even the most sensitive skin - and suits multiple uses.

Paramao Root Oil is a 100% natural oil extract from a tree.

Guaranteed to work effectively.


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Any healing claims have not been evaluated by the TGA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. Paramao Root Oil is intended to be used as alternative healing.  It is recommended that you use Paramao Root Oil in conjunction with treatment options recommended by your medical practitioner.


Experience the scientifically proven healing properties naturally found in Paramao Root Oil.

Q:  Can I reinfuse my Paramao Root Oil and if so how long can I continue to infuse oils with the Paramao Root?

 A:  Yes you can. For best results and maximum potency we recommend replacing the root at least every 6-12 months, depending on how many times your bottle has been refilled. For best results use pure Paramao Oil bought as a refill. Olive oil, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil can be used as natural alternative oils to add, however results will not be as good.

 Q:  How do I infuse the Paramao Root?

A:  Once your bottle of Paramao Root Oil is half full, simply pour some of the contents of Paramao Root Oil Refill into your bottle of Paramao Root Oil and shake well for 10-15 seconds. The potency of the root will infuse more with time, however you should have the effects of the root retain with infused oil within half an hour of infusing.

Q:  Can I use other oils to infuse with the Paramao Root?

A:  Yes. Although Paramao Root Oil will provide you with maximum potency and effectiveness and works to relieve all listed ailments. You can infuse an oil that will best suit your skin type and ailment you are experiencing. Paramao Root Oil is 100% natural and free from any additives. If deciding to infuse with different oil we highly recommend you choose a natural oil that is also free of additives. Olive oil, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil are all reasonable natural alternative oils to add.

Q: Why does my bottle look different to the one I bought in Bali?

A:  To minimise freight costs we import our Paramao Oil in plastic bottles. It is exactly the same oil, just lighter, which lessens our freight expenses and ensures we can supply it to you at the best possible cost. Some Bali products are only 50/60 or 100ml, ours are 200ml or 250ml with the addition of a 100ml purse pack. Another reason may be that you have purchased an inferior fake product, if so, you will find that our product will have much more success on your particular ailment.

Q:  How long is my bottle of Paramao likely to last?

A:  A 200ml bottle will usually last 2-3 months with daily use.

Q:  Why does the Paramao bottle with the root cost the same as the refill without the root?

A:  The refill bottle without the root can hold more of the distilled Paramao bark and leaf distilled oil. So you are ending up with more oil instead of the root.





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