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When we begin to understand the true vibration of love only then can we let go of struggle! 





Chronic Reversed Polarity was founded by Master Herbalist Keith Smith. It is a malfunction of the electrical system most often caused by stress and trauma. It can change the way the body is capable of dealing with ailments. One of those affected is the Immune System. Keith believes that this disorder may very well be the root of many untreatable illnesses.
He has successfully treated chronic fatigue and many other chronic illnesses that both traditional and non-traditional have failed to treat. By correcting the electrical system of the body Keith has discovered that the body returns to normal function and the body is then restored to optimal health.
If you suffer from fatigue, depression, mood swings, allergies, addictions, behavioural & learning problems, insomnia, Fibromyalgia and many other long term chronic conditions, especially auto-immune diseases this may be your answer to restoring optimal health and wellness!  

Most of us do not think twice about our pattern of breathing...because it is automatic, right? Well, yes, unconsciously we all continue to breathe due to our autonomic nervous system but to what extent do we truly give ourselves what our bodies need for optimum health?

Except for diseases associated with smoking, the respiratory organs have been largely ignored. By understanding a few basic principles of how the respiratory process works and interacts with the body and mind, we can gain more understanding of how our body functions on many different levels.

The effects of inhalation and exhalation extend far beyond the physical exchange of air in and out of the body...they extend to the workings of the heart and lungs as well as to subtle molecular processes through which the body’s energy production is maintained.

All life forms are composed of tiny living units called cells, each requiring a continuous source of energy. Our body’s tissues and organs are composed of these cells and they must function properly in order to keep us alive. The nutrients supplied by the food we eat act as a fuel but it must be converted into a form that these individual cells can use or we would die. Discover how you can learn to breathe your way back to wellness!

 Respiration Breathing Exercises

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Tanya's Special Guest is Keith R Smith

Keith is one of the formost herbalists of today in alternative and energetic healing. His work spans new horizons of hope for everyone.

His main interest is your health, specialising in auto-immune dysfunction, ADD, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS and even heart disease and cancer. Keith treats the polarity of the body with amazing results. By correcting the electrical function of the cells, the immune system and restoring the tangled DNA great changes take place within the body.



Respiratory Trainer

By paying attention to your breathing, you can literally change your life. By learning how to control your breathing, you can improve your health, your well-being and your lifestyle. 

Within three days of training you will feel an overall sense of ease, you will sleep better and wake up energised, and in less pain. With just air and water and the right tools you can manage your health in the simplest of ways with the most amazing results!

 "It is so simple - you will not believe it!"